Mountain Lake is a Center for Leadership, Learning, and Change.  We specialize in Equine Assisted Coaching and Counseling, using horses to help people and businesses meet their goals for growth and success.


Why Horses? We use horses because they are honest and will interact with people in such a way to reveal pattern of behaviors that may be counterproductive in the person’s life.  These patterns might negatively affect personal and work relationships.  Learning about these patterns and having the opportunity to reflect and change is a powerful pathway to positive change.

Who Are We?

Mountain Lake Center is a cooperative team of dedicated professionals, including mental health clinicians, educators, and equine professionals that each share a passion for coaching and counseling people and businesses, helping them meet their desired goals through working with and learning from horses.

What We Do in New Hampshire and Beyond:

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Individual Equine Assisted Coaching and Counseling  is open to children, adolescence and adults. Spend time on a farm getting to know yourself and the horse.  Individual sessions are typically 1 to 1.5 hours in duration and depending on your goals may consist of three to twelve or more sessions. Please contact us for further details.

WEEKEND PROGRAMS: We offer one-day and two-day programs that focus on leadership, learning and growth for both personal and business clients.  We offer a multitude of programs with differing focuses:

  • The Leader Within
  • Pinnacle Teamwork
  • The Effective CEO
  • The Effective Clinician
  • The Effective Educator
  • The Effective Manager

Shannon Knapp, MA of Horse Sense of the Carolinas & Dave Ferruolo, LICSW explain communication to a group of veterans during an Equine Assisted Learning program in NH.

Programming and Program Development for Facilities

Are you a farm? It is easier for our team to facilitate programs in different geographical regions than it is for clients from across the country to come to us.  Therefore, we are not a farm, we work in cooperation with and in conjunction with existing farms.  You have the facilities, the horses, and the support staff, we supply the clinical and consultative expertise to run Equine Facilitated programs.

Are you a mental health agency, a non-profit, or a VA facility? We will be happy to work with you to facilitate equine programs for your clients.  Follow-up session after equine activities will help you and your client more deeply explore relevant issues. We will consult about all the logistic, including: finding a farm and actually running the program.  Clinicians are encouraged to join the sessions. We also consult and assist with development of equine programming. Out goal is to help you better support your program, facility, and client needs.

Are you an out of town perspective client? If you are looking for Equine Assisted Coaching or Counseling and are unable to find a clinician in your area, we may be able to help in several ways. 1) You may contact us to see if there is availability in one of our ongoing programs; 2) you can contact your local farm, VA, or mental health provider and inquire about setting up a program in your area.